#12: ‘Eating Alone at Subway’

In this episode, Cher and James discuss “doing the most” in one weekend, and the real feeling of FOMO, fear of missing out. In the aftershow, Cher talks about her love of a young Monica, and James discovered a new snack, from an old children’s television program. This is also our first week as a weekly format.


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Urban Dictionary Definition of FOMO

Tame Impala - Feels Like I Only Go Backwards; Lonerism (2012)

Conversation Notes

Eaux Claires Music Festival

Eau Claire, WI

Roadtrip Buddies

Pitchfork Music Festival

Cher’s Instagram

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Dessner Brothers


Mindy Kaling’s First Book

The Office TV Series

Weapons of Mass Creation 2014

Subway Restaurant

Open Call: The Aftershow

Cher: Monica’s 20th Anniversary of her debut, Miss Thang

James: Popcorn and M&Ms snack recipe from ZOOM