#14: 'V.I.P**n'

Cher and James talk about the dark side of social media. From the deep crevices of fan-made band forums, to Twitter chats, they dissect the culture of internet trolling and how it kind of bums them out. 


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes

Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz

Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around


Autotelic Studios

Downtown Chicago (The Loop)

I Am Legend

One Direction - You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful

Grateful Dead - Casey Jones


Radiohead Forum - Green Plastic Trees

Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle

Hail to the Thief


In Rainbows

Chuck English

Cool Kids

The Cool Kids - 88

Internet Troll

Chicago Podcast Coop Shoutout

Random Conversations - With Elizabeth. Learn, be entertained and live vicariously through the lives of other people.

Open Call: The Aftershow

Cher: Song Exploder’s episode on Death Cab for Cutie

James: Biking in general, and the Copenhagenize website