#19: 'I Think You Just Jaden Smith'd Us,' with guest C'ne Rohlsen-Green


C’ne Rohlsen-Green visits Cher and James as they discuss her early start with “analog life," her need for tangibility in her work, and her growing appreciation for digital expression. In the after-show, C’ne shares her affection for Alessa Cara, James’ talks about Long Haul Productions, and Cher talks about a podcast all about Gilmore Girls.


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes

Texas de Brazil

Cher’s trip to the beach

Cher’s concert

Cher’s Cubs game

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

The Fugees - Killing Me Softly

C’ne Rohlsen-Green: Website, collages, and performanceTwitterInstagramFacebook

“Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth

Apple’s September 9 Announcement

Jaden Smith

Chicago Podcast Coop Shoutout

Alcohollywood - Clint, Jared and a guest talk about one movie each week - old or new, good or bad - and create a custom cocktail and drinking game for it.

Open Call: The After-show

C’ne:  Alessia Cara - Here - New EP out now.

James: Long Haul Productions - Hand-crafted stories & documentaries.

Cher: Gilmore Guys - A podcast about Gilmore Girls.