#20: 'My Life is Not a Debate Point'


Cher and James discuss how and when to engage in awkward, controversial conversations, both online and in real life. In the aftershow, Cher shares her love for Skylar Spence's new album, and James talks about his joy over the new iPhone.


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes

Riot Fest Chicago 2015

Cher's portfolio

Congress Theater

Douglas Park

Humboldt Park

Douglas Park lawsuit

Homer Simpson GIF

The shirt Cher saw

Foundations of Debate

"Pull a Kanye"

#BlackLivesMatter Movement

Chicago Podcast Coop Shoutout

I Disagree But: Whitaker Trebella and Brice Puls tackle some of life's most frivolous arguments and fiercely try to teach each other why they're right.

Open Call: The After-show

Cher: Open Ended hitting their 20th episode! Also, Skylar Spence's new album, Prom King.

James: The new iPhone 6S, specifically the 3D Touch feature.