#22: 'Rent's Still Due on the First'

This week, Cher and James speculate the future of content blockers, how they deal with them in their own devices, and the pros and cons of monetizing content. In the after show, Cher talks about her favorite new TV show and an old film from her childhood, while James discovered a new folk band. 


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes

Austin, Texas, USA




Content blockers for iOS 9

Google Chrome

"White List"

The New Yorker

Harvard Business Review

The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal

The Economist

Chicago Tribune


Spotify vs Apple Music


This Week in Blackness Radio

Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

Gimlet Media

WTF with Marc Maron



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Open Call: The After-show

Cher: Transparent and Head of State

James: Stoned by Widowspeak