#23: 'Riding the Feels Train,' with guest Sabella Flagg


This week's special guest Sabella Flagg talks with Cher and James about employment, albeit self-employment, unemployment, and how those transitions effect your psyche, money, and career. In the aftershow, Sabella talks about Ryan Adams, Cher discusses her recent crafting project, and James talks about his relaunch of his "CSS Black Lives Matter" campaign. 


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes: 

Sabella Flagg

NewFoundland/Labrador Mix Breed Dog


Bike Chain

"Quit Your Job, Follow Your Passion"

"Mad Scientist

Rick and Morty

Beakman's World

Cross-Country Train Trip

Portland, OR

Sabella's Twitter 


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Open Call: The After-show:

Sabella: Ryan Adam's retelling of "1989"


JamesCSS Black Lives Matter Relaunch