#24: 'Let Me Tell You About That Blue Light Special'

Photo by C'ne Rohlsen

Photo by C'ne Rohlsen

This week, Cher and James get physical and investigate the current state of fitness tracking. Topics include: the Chicago Marathon, the popularity of Fitbit, and guilt-driven anxiety. During the after-show, Cher triggers nostalgia with an orchestral song, and James triggers nostalgia with the background muzak of a department store. 


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes: 

Indigenous People Day vs Columbus Day

Christopher Wallace

Christopher Columbus

New Microphones!

Chicago Marathon


The Proclaimers - I Will Walk (500 Miles)

Apple Watch

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Surge

Stand Reminders on Apple Watch

Body Dysmorphia

Intuitive Fitness

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Blurry Photos: - Blurry Photos humorously sheds light on the shadowy topics of the world. From cryptozoology and the paranormal to conspiracies and the unexplained, Dave and David want you to learn something weird.

Open Call: The After-show:

Cher: Sleep - Eric Whitacre

James: Attention K-Mart Shoppers, archival tape from 1989-1993