#27: 'Look Outside Your Bubble,' with guest G. Keenan Schneider


This week, special guest G. Keenan Schneider speaks with Cher and James about the complexities of writing online, empathizing with readers’ perspective, and weeding out the trolls from actual constructive criticism. In the after show, G. Keenan shares his joy over the new Apple TV, Cher talks about her love for Ira Glass, and James discusses the latest book from Ta-nehisi Coates.


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Disclaimer: Explicit Language is used in this episode

Conversation Notes:

Heben and Tracy of Another Round

Jenna Worthham

Pop-Up Magazine

G. Keenan Schneider

No Octothrope

Limitless Adventure

Daring Fireball

Lindsey Stone

Trevor Noah

“Podcasts and Diversity” article on No Octothrope

Stephen Colbert

Chicago Podcast Cooperative Shout-Out:

Write Club: Write Club is literature as bloodsport. Two opposing writers, two opposing ideas, each fighting for deathless glory. Hosted by polar opposites Ian Belknap and Lindsay Muscato.

Open Call: The After-show

Keenan: The new Apple TV

Cher: Ira Glass’ Radio-Dance Mashup Show

James: Between the World and Me by Ta-nehisi Coates