#29: 'Doing Their Own Sh*t'

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

This week, Cher and James dig into the world of online video, where they praise the resurgence of people of color dominating the small screen while thinking aloud about the future of video discovery. Topics include: Master of None, Netflix and Hulu, the writing of Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, and gripes with the limitations of streaming hardware options. During Open Call, Cher discovers a mysterious producer named Breakmaster Cylinder, while James gets in his feels with the app Drizzy Tears.

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References made during our conversation:

The sound bite of Aziz Ansari on Colbert

The independent web series, "You’re So Talented"

"Master of None", a Netflix original series

"Fresh of the Boat", a comedy series on ABC

Netflix, a video streaming provider and (accidental, well purposely pivoted) production studio

Nielsen Ratings

Hulu, another video streaming provider and, yeah you guessed it, production studio

"The Mindy Project", a comedy series originally on FOX, now on Hulu

Issa Rae, an actress and writer, creator of Awkward Black Girl, Ratchet Piece Theater, The "F" Word, and The Choir

Shonda Rhimes, a television producer, writer, and head of all the wonderful shows at Shondaland

"How to Get Away With Murder", a drama series on ABC

Open TV, a Chicago-based web platform for television by queer, trans and cis-women and artists of color

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Cher: The mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder

James: Drizzy Tears, a game for iOS

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