Dispatch #29.5: 'Hoverboards everywhere'

"Las Vegas" by Cher Vincent

"Las Vegas" by Cher Vincent

For the holiday weekend, we are dropping a dispatch on the technology wrapped around our holiday travels. Topics include: Cher's airport adventures, a challenge James is taking on for the weekend, and apps to keep our business running, discover new places, and not get lost.

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References made during our dispatch:

Federico Viticci of Macstories. The one person James looks to who uses an iPad to run a business.

Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, CA.

The apps James will be using for his holiday travel challenge:

iA Writer for Markdown style text editing

Day One for journaling and free writing

Workflow for iOS automation, file management, and actions

Textastic for code editing

Transmit for server management

Screens for remote access to computers

The apps and technology Cher mentioned during her traveling:

Citymapper and Transit for public transit directions and planning

Foursquare and Swarm for saving and sharing interesting locations

Faded for photo editing

Hoverboards are all over California

No Open Call this week, sad face.

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