#30: 'Introvert Together,' with Jenn & Trin of Friendshipping


This week, Cher and James gush over their mutual love for their guest, Jenn and Trin of the Friendshipping Podcast. They discuss how to be a friend, making friends, and generally being a decent human person. During Open Mic, Cher and James debate Jenn and Trin on when to end a friendship, IRL vs. Digital Hangs, and making work friends. And lastly, in Open Call, Jenn loves a new Netflix series, Trin makes a fashion statement, James discovered a movie franchise, and Cher revisits an old TV show.

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Basecamp: When you use Basecamp to run projects, people know what to do, people know where things are, and you stay on top of everything all the time.

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References made during our conversation:

Trin, the Director of Events at CAH

Jenn, the Community Manager at CAH

Hosts of Friendshipping Podcast, teaching you how to be a friend and make friends, as an adult

Molly Lewis, the creator of the theme for Friendshipping

Tumblr, a shining beacon of hope in the interwebz

C2E2, a really rad expo for anyone that likes cool stuff

Mass Effect, a video game that you should really check out

Dr. Garret Bryson, the crush you should have

GenCon, the largest tabletop-game convention in NA

Ask.fm, a portal to ask questions through Tumblr

The Office, one of the best TV show that ever was

Friend-Fiction, something everyone should do

If you want to make that Jenn and Trin Comic Book, contact us!

Oh snap, we did another Open Mic:

Friendshipping did a great episode on work bros

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Jenn: Jessica Jones on Netflix

Trin: Leggings as Pants, the truest joy

James: Hunger Games, the first installment

Cher: Gossip Girl, the perfect CW TV show

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Script written by Cher and James

Music by U+1F60C

Until next time, keep things Open Ended.