Dispatch #33: “Dear Santa…”

Photo by Brent Knepper.  

Photo by Brent Knepper.  

This week, Cher and James release a Dispatch to ol’ Saint Nick, pleading and begging for their Christmas wishes to be fulfilled. Also, Cher found a holiday poem for the season!

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References made during our conversation:

‘Twas The Night Before a Programmer’s Christmas, a poem for the geek in all of us

Cher Top 3 Tech Christmas Wishes:

A Sims-Diamond hologram, that tells the world what you’re listening to

Multiple accounts logins for Instagram, so Cher can leave a good app review

MacBooks should have touchscreens, living their best Toshiba lives

James Top 3 Tech Christmas Wishes:

Better audio core support for podcasting on iOS 10 for iPads, so his editing struggle isn’t so real

Content Blocker for Dreams, the dopest idea James ever had

VCs, fund a full-sized male fashion startup already! James deserves a Skittles variety of jeans

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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