#37: 'Fast and Furious Feminism'


This week, Cher and James talk about the art that was David Bowie's life and death, staying relevant in your art, finding validation in yourself, and discussing #BlackGirlMagic. In new segment, Open Up, James and Cher answer a question about being a good ally for women, and in Open Call, Cher discovered an undercover feminist movie franchise, and James shares his joy over a new mixtape from Future. 

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References made during our conversation

David Bowie, the Starman, passed away on January 10th

Blackstar, Bowie's 25th and final album, inspired by hip hop music

Scary Monsters and (Super Creeps), Cher's favorite Bowie album

Luther Vandross, came to prominence in Young Americans

Alan Rickman, Severus Snape and a badass actor in general

René Angélil, Celine Dion's husband and manager

Natalie Cole, daughter of Nate King Cole, and all around lovely human woman

For Colored Nerds, the classy version of Open Ended

The most recent Reply All episode, about validation from others

The article that shocked magical black girls around the world

Ashley C. Ford, a gem, wrote a clapback response worth a read

Open Up is BACK

"How to be a better ally to women in tech?"

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call

CherDavid Bowie on Extras and Fast and Furious franchise is lowkey feminist

JamesFuture has a new mixtape that he went extra on, and made it hard find and The latest of Bodega Boys Podcast episode

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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