#38: 'Shout out to Water Signs,' with guests Chakka Reeves and Deanna Mingo


This week, Cher and James sit down with Deanna Mingo of Divyn Media and Chakka Reeves of Highwater to discuss social media, digital marketing, and writing online as women of color. In Open Mic, they debate on pandering in marketing, ownership over content platforms, and self-promotion. Lastly in Open Call, Cher hits the books, James and Deanna discuss TV, and Chakka is inspired by an art gallery in Chicago.

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References made during our conversation:

Chakka Reeves, a multi-disciplinary writer, artist and badass

Deanna Mingo, social media evangelist and marketing extraordinaire

Medium, an online space for long-form readers and writers

Kristy Tillman's Twitter, another great resource

Grantland, a defunct website for sports and pop-culture

Aljazeera America, another great resource, soon to be defunct

IHOP Twitter account, a member of "Weird Twitter"

Apple Music Commercial, featuring Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington, and Taraji P Hensen

Tyler Perry on South Park understands Cher's soul

Drake lyrics Deanna can't take

Chakka's newsletter, a curated list for of artists for artists

Deanna's blog, a thoughtful output for her Scorpio feels

Open Mic, a series of mini-debates:

Cher vs. Deanna and Chakka: Marketing vs. Pandering

James vs. Deanna and Chakka: Shared spaces vs. own space for producing online media

Open Ended vs. Deanna and Chakka: Self-promotion, yes or no

Open Call, what we are feeling this week:

Cher: Cher starts Grad School this week!

Deanna: The Fosters, a TV show on ABC Family

Chakka: Woman Made Gallery in Chicago

James: Being Mary Jane, a TV show on BET, starring Scorpio Gabrielle Union

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

Until next time, keep things Open Ended.