#43: LIVE: "Maybe I Like Arguing with People on Facebook", with guest Candice Quinerly

This week, Cher and James are LIVE at Joliet Area Historical Museum, hanging out with the lovely Candice Quinerly, discussing growing up in the suburbs and/or the city respectively, dealing with racism at a young age, and how to handle micro-aggressions. In Open Mic, we debate about internet fighting, trash reality TV, and hyper-local restaurant institutions in Joliet. And lastly, in Open Call, Candice is turning a year older, Cher talks about a great TV show, and James embraces his love for an essential oil. 

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References made during our conversation

Candice Quinerly, Education Director at the Joliet Area Historical Museum

Joliet, Illinois - an actually city, not a suburb, but adjacent to Chicago

An "oreo", a shitty thing to call anyone

Micro-aggression, something that everyone should know what it is, and never do it

Open Mic, a series of mini-debates:

Cher vs. Candice: Should you correct assholes on the internet? 

James vs. Candice: Chicken n Spice vs Joe's Hot Dog

Open Ended vs. Candice: Love & Hip and Hop vs The Real Housewives of Atlanta

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call

Candice Pieces Season is here, and her birthday is on the 1st!

Cher: The most recent Blackish episode on police brutality

James: Coconut Oil, the bedrock of all human needs

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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