#44: 'An Hour-long Selfie'

This week, Cher and James discuss the gift that is Tangerine, the vetting nature of the Oscars, and the revolutionary filming techniques of the indie. In Open Call, both James and Cher discuss music that helps them process their feels.

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References made during our conversation:

The Academy Awards, the unfortunate standard for vetted films "worth watching"

The Danish Girl, a film dealing with trans characters, portrayed by cis men

Tangerine, a far superior film than most of the films nominated this year at the Oscars

iPhone 5s, the equipment that filmed Tangerine

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call

Cher: Lovesong - The Cure, Cher's cure to the mean reds

James: Lil' Yachty

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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