#45: 'JIF is a Political Statement,' with guest Maya Coleman


This week, Cher and James chat it up with Maya Coleman, Community Manager at Secret Hitler, to discuss gaming as a person of color. In Open Up, we consider the benefits of Slack for personal use. In Open Mic, we debate with Maya on mobile games, Apple Watch, and social media platforms. Lastly, in Open Call: Maya saw a new Disney film, Cher saw a really great concert, and James appreciates physical books.

References made during our conversation:

Maya Coleman, movie composer and Secret Hitler Community Manager

Secret Hitler, an dangerously-fun tabletop game

Crash Bandicoot, a game Cher couldn't handle back in 1998

Black Girl Nerds Podcast, a fantastic podcast about gaming and tech

Tumblr, Maya's favorite site, for very good reason

JIF, the true pronunciation

We got a question for Open Up!:

Audrey asked: Do you use Slack for personal as well as work? And if you do, how do you use it?

Open Mic is back!:

Cher vs Maya: iPhone games vs portable consoles

James vs Maya: Apple Watch

Open Ended vs Maya: Every other social media platform besides Tumblr

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Maya: Zootopia

Cher: Carly Rae Jepsen Live

James: Physical Books

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Cards Against Humanity: They asked us not to read an ad, but encouraged you to enjoy the show!

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Script written by Cher and James.

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