#52: 'You Placed Me Correctly Geographically,' with guest Dr. Lauren Monsein Rhodes

This week, Cher and James welcome Dr. Lauren Monsein Rhodes, discussing moving to new cities, her doctoral work with the black diaspora in Latvia, and the differences of global news coverage on #BlackLivesMatter. In Open Mic, we are argue over architecture. Lastly, in Open Call, Lauren chats about her joy of retail therapy, Cher talks about The Read: Live, and James shares an article that spoke to him.

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Basecamp: "When you use Basecamp to run projects, people know what to do, people know where things are, and you stay on top of everything all the time."

References made during our conversation:

Dr. Lauren Monsein Rhodes, Associate Director of Jane Hull House at UIC

Stuart Hall, a cultural theorist

Lauren's article on black African descent in Latvia

Interview of Lauren for the National Integration Center in Latvia

Open Mic is Back, y'all!

Cher and Lauren vs James: Classic vs Modern Architecture

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Lauren: Shopping!

Cher: The podcast, The Read, live at the Harold Washington Cultural Center

James: Uncanny Valley; n+1 mag

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Script written by Cher and James.

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 Correction May 4th, 2016: We incorrectly listed that Lauren was the Director of Jane Hull House at UIC, she is, in fact, the Associate Director of Jane Hull House at UIC.