#53: 'Melodic Panic Attack'


This week, Cher and James discuss artist ownership in light of the recent releases of Beyonce and Radiohead, and the legacy of Prince.

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References made during our conversation:

Beyonce's Lemonade, her 6th studio album and film

Radiohead's Burn the Witch release, the first single from their 9th studio album

Prince's vault

When Doves Cry is a very good song

The Read's Lemonade's review

Rob Sheffield's Rolling Stone review of Lemonade

Sound Opinion's Lemonade review

Switched on Pop's Purple Lemonade episode

The Black Guy Who Tips Lemonade review

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Cher: All Songs Considered: Tiny Desk Concert

James: Columbia College's Doc Your World

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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