#55: 'So Much Can Go Down in 15 Seconds,' with guest Kimberly Vincent


This week, Cher and James talk with Kimberly Vincent, Cher's sister, on how the "youth" communicate with friends, foes, and the world.

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References made during our conversation

Souja Boy still got the hits!

Eastern Illinois University, Kimberly's alma mater

Snapchat, the youths' favorite thing

The Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Kimberly's favorite YouTube

Kimberly's Instagram

You know we couldn't forget about Open Call:

Kimberly:  NACWC, National Association fror Colored Women Club

Cher: Beach Boys' Pet Sounds

James: Gas Station Food

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Script written by Cher and James.

Music by U+1F60C.

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