#86: Cha-Cha Slide the Party Line

Courtesy of Third Coast.

Courtesy of Third Coast.

Cher just got back from the Third Coast Audio Residency and has some stories to tell y’all. (eyes emoji) Plus! An Open Call about a radical artist making white folks uncomfortable (fantastic!), black woman sisterhood, and footwear made of cork.

Things we mentioned during today's episode:

The Third Coast Audio Residency, focused on bringing diverse voices to radio, where Cher spent a week in the prairie making radio.

(^^By the way, donate to them if you can!)

Ragdale, where the residency took place.

Stars Hollow. Goddamn it Rory.

Everyone who participated at the residency this year. Get to know some other radical voices in radio...

Cha-Cha Slide, where every auntie got down during the "how low can you go" segment. This is a YouTube link FYI.

Sarah Geis, a fabulous radio producer, and noted Great White Woman.

Today's sponsor, Field Notes. Get yourself a cute notebook.

Satpreet Kahlon, and The Coalition of Docile and Agreeable Femmes of Color for the Continuation and Propagation of White Fragility. 

Some Office, the space Cher works out of and where Postloudness was born.

Birkenstock sandals, and a great New Yorker article about its origins.

Riverhead Books! Shout out to Carla Bruce-Eddings for the bag.

Commuter Barbie, aka James. Another YouTube link FYI.

James works at Gimlet Media now as a producer on the new Brittany Luse project.

Wilma Jean in Gowanus, Brooklyn has dope chicken.

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